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Hi and welcome to my elongated world.

I am very new to websites and designing them, so please be patient with my trials and errors.

In the following pages, I will take you through my Elongated Coin collection and tell you about myself.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my very little website!

Be sure to visit the 4 additional pages of this website - see the above tabs:

TEC President - Questions and answers regarding my candidacy for TEC's President in the 2011 election.

ECs that I designed - Here, you will see Elongated Coins that I designed, as well as some that I also rolled on my machine.

Supplies for Elongateds - I sell the best quality of supplies that exist in the market today. I am a one-stop-solution for all your elongated coin supplies!

Make your own EC! - Have you ever considered making a design for yourself, your business or a group you belong to? Take a look at these pages and contact me, so we could work on the design of your choice. I am much more flexible than most!

My fascination with elongated coins started quite a few years ago.

My daughter dragged along with me to one of my coin clubs (when she still showed interest in coins), and during the club's auction, she requested me to buy her a small bag with elongated coins.

She liked them, and during a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, she discovered many elongating machines, and we went from one to another, smashing the coins and having lots of fun.

At that time, we did not know anything about Coppers Vs. Zincers, so all the coins were smashed on brand new shiny Cents... Don't worry - we discovered the wonders of Coppers later on, and went back to re-do the entire collection.

In May 2002 we went on our first (of many) Smashing Trips. We drove up the California Coast, from one machine to the next, smashing all along the way. We smashed a total of 81 different Elongated Coins, and we both thought it was a great achievement. Little did we know what this would lead us to...

After a short while, my daughter, like many teenagers, decided she had "better things to do", and she handed her collection to me. Oh boy. I was hooked!

I started trading, buying on eBay, buying at different coins shops and going on many smashing trips, probably too many to remember.

When my collection went into the thousands, and then into the tenths of thousands, I had to cut back and limit my collection.

My current main collecting interestes are elongated coins from:
* California (since we live here now)
* New York (since I lived there when I was young)
* Nevada (because I like this state, especially Las Vegas, for reasons unknown)
* Hawaii (because I fell in love with it when we vacationed there a few years ago, and I would like to retire there, someday)
* Israeli & Jewish themed coins (I was born in Israel and I am Jewish, but please don't hold this against me...  :-)
* Anything to do with TEC and the ANA (two coin clubs I belong to and am passionate about).

Please look around, click on the different links on this page and send me an email if you would like to communicate with me.

Be well and KEEP ON SMASHING!!!

Oded Paz


As the previous Vice President of TEC (2005-2009), it was my responsibility to make sure that all TEC coins are made on time and distributed to the deserving members.

Some of these coins, as well as a few Coin Clubs, Coin Shows and Personal Elongated Coins were designed by me, as you can see in the
"ECs that I designed page" (click HERE to see this page).

I enjoy designing and rolling these coins and hope to continue designing more coins in the future!

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